/truth — Exhibition Zone Design
Exhibition Design, Art Installation 
re/mind is an exhibition curated by 42 Communication Design students that provides eight alternative perspectives with a closer look at modes of being that are not often considered.

In a group of five, our exhibition zone /truth aims at challenging the notion of truth. Living in an era where information is increasingly persistent and omnipresent, the concern of how people interpret information — facts, alt-facts, knowledge, opinion, belief, truth — has been raised. The concept “post-truth” has become increasingly prominent in recent years, which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. What if, in the future, objective facts are no longer important or relevant to what we consider “truth”? What if ideas we consider conspiracies are being considered as possible truths in the future?

Using the concept of a future-past museum, a collection of conspiracies related items, including the Flat Earth Theory, Marshmallow Grazing, and Lunar Effect is exhibited in the form of a historical museum in the future. Accompanied by audio, the museum’s background is introduced and various questions related to “truth” is raised. The installations serve to cast doubt in visitors’ minds while the audio invites a reconsideration of sceptical attitudes and a critical lifestyle regarding our current and future lives.


「你好呀,歡迎嚟到呢一個展區,喺呢度,我地想你思考一下乜嘢係真相。試想像一個未來,喺呢個未來入面,判斷一件事係唔係真,唔再靠真確性,而係只要你信,佢就係真相。喺咁樣嘅一個未來下,呢個社會會變成點呢? 而家係2094年,你身處於一間歷史博物館入面,呢度記載嘅所有歷史,都係大家所信奉嘅真相。」


“Greetings and welcome to the exhibition. Here, we encourage you to think about “what is truth?”. Imagine a future where personal beliefs are considered as facts. If you believe in it, it is the truth. What would this future be like? It is the year 2094, you are in the National Museum of History. Inside, it preserves the historical and cultural heritage of the world.”




The Flat Earth Theory refers to today’s widely accepted astrophysical theory. In which the earth is a plateau surrounding by the sea. The North pole is located at the centre of the earth. The edge of the earth exists of a 150 feet Ice Wall. The sun and the moon are spheres with diameters of 52 km, wheeling above the earth.

The Flat Earth Theory is highly praised by many scholars and the flat earth society being the most representative organisation. The Flat Earth Society organised the ‘Flat Earth Movement’ in 2026 based on Kmira’s research. The theory was then recognized and approved by the scholars.







“You look up and see a lengthy description with the title, “Flat earth? What is this has anything to do with the exhibition?” You ask yourself, but it was too long for you to keep reading so you move on. However, ask yourself again… how often you believe that you have understood something just by skimming it through for a few seconds?

Look down, you see a pile of aged journal article on physics and astronomy. You think to yourself, it seems legit if it is being published on an academic journal and full of data, there’s no way it can’t be truth… right?

On the side, there is a Flat Earth model, a physical presentation of the theory. Is it true, is it plausible?

Under the Flat earth model, there is a medal below. It is a King Faisal International Prize and it belongs to a person named Ahaaroubi Kmira. Wow… he must be worthy to receive such a prize! But who is King Faisal? What does the prize represent? Does the prize make him credible?”





Historically, wild marshmallows in high altitude terrain were the softest and sweetest. Since then, many agreed wild marshmallows were best to grow on steep mountains with sufficient exposure to sunlight. People called it the Marshmallow Grazing.

In 1967, American Marshmallow Ltd. successfully developed a technology to domesticate and breed marshmallows. Publicized in 1975, many followers began to further develop similar technology ever since, making marshmallows more accessible.

In 2020, Hong Kong's Tong Long Ltd. was established to breed the best marshmallows, claiming over mountains such as Lantau Peak, Ma On Shan and Tai Mo Shan.






“Behind the glass is an illustration of marshmallows, those illustrations seem to be aged for quite some years. Wow, a marshmallow has a life cycle, just like an animal, then it must be an animal! However, does the time and age of an event determine the legitimacy?

Next to the illustration, there are two photos of marshmallow grazing but are they real? With technology, images can be distorted and edited, can images be trusted anymore?

On the side of those 2 photos, there’s a piece of newspaper article, with a title “Hong Kong became the third-largest marshmallow grazing area”. Maybe newspapers are reliable mainstream media but nowadays fake news can be easily published by people so are newspapers trustworthy?”




It is proven that the moon's gravitational forces affect the tides and waves. As humans consist of 80% water, the moon can also affect human psychology and behaviour such as boosting fertility, stimulating human's subconscious energy and advancing human evolution. This phenomenon is known as the lunar effect.

Established in 1983, the Lunar Light Society is an international organization that supports this theory, with more than 2.4 billion members, 31.8% of the world's population. Gatherings would be hosted regularly to recruit members, absorb moon energy and seek to surpass human limits.





“An emblem, an arm pad and a shirt…

Those are some of the items used for a society called “The Lunar Light”. The arm badge is worn by devoted members of “The Lunar Light”. The T-shirt is collected from a member of “The Lunar Light” and it contains numerous members’ signatures from the gatherings.

Could a belief be considered as a fact if it is backed by a large group of people or even an organisation? Do those factors make their theory plausible?”




“I have been telling you to be sceptical, but have you ever been sceptical towards me?

It’s not that there is nothing to trust, but being critical would be our lifestyle in this post-truth future.”

Team members: Anson Wong, Hwah Lau, Lyris Chan, Ping Ting Lee, Scarlet Ng
Year: 2019