PMQ Wayfinding Redesign
Visual Identity, Information Design, Mark & Logotype, User Studies, Signage

This is a group project on redesigning wayfinding items in PMQ, a renovated historic site in Hong Kong, based on user research and environment studies.

PMQ is a creative industry landmark in Hong Kong. As a non-profit social enterprise, PMQ organizes design, art and cultural related activities and events and provides venues for various artistic stores and studios.

Through user research and environment studies conducted in PMQ, our team have found 2 main problems visitors encounter:

1. Visitors find it difficult to differentiate the two blocks (Block Staunton and Block Hollywood) in PMQ, both from the outside and inside the buildings. Many are even unaware that there are two blocks. As visitors could only cross to the other block from G/F and 4/F, some of them would get lost in the building when finding specific shops/studios.

2. The floor directory signs only include shop names and codes, which visitors find the information limited as the names and codes do not indicate what type of shops they are.

To facilitate visitors' touring and way-finding experience in PMQ, we have suggested two main solutions to address the problems from the findings.

Research Team: Scarlet Ng, Byron Au, Phoebe Cha
Floor Directory Sign Team: Scarlet Ng, Byron Au
Visual Identity Team: Byron Au, Phoebe Cha
Year: 2018