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OHMO is a simulated local brand that provides authentic and well-designed greeting cards for Hong Kong people.

With the brand name derived from the Chinese saying “禮輕情意重,千里送鵝毛” (Goose feather sent from afar, a trifling present with a weighty thought behind), OHMO believes one's hearts and thoughts are the most genuine gifts. The brand hopes their tailor-made greeting cards could be the bridge for people to convey, to express, to share, to celebrate, and to truly connect.

Brand Identity

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Greeting Cards Design

Brand concept: Anson Wong, Hwah Lau, Lyris Chan, Scarlet Ng
Brand identity, application items & website interface design: Scarlet Ng
Logo variations design: Anson Wong
Greeting cards illustration: Hwah Lau
Photography: Lyris Chan, Scarlet Ng
Year: 2020